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Sansei Library –v–: More than a half-century of results

Sansei Technologies (Formerly Sansei Yusoki)was founded as an elevator, escalator and amusement ride manufacturer in 1951. The manufacture of stage equipment was then initiated the following year, in 1952.

Currently, our core products are stage equipment, amusement rides, elevators and escalators, and specifically-designed equipment, and we handle all processes from planning and design to manufacturing at our own factory, as well as all installation, maintenance and repair work. Sansei provides comprehensive service that only consultant engineers like us, with thorough knowledge of all these products, could offer.

Planning, Designing, Production, Installation, Maintenance

We answer our customers’ diverse needs for lifting, rotating, running, opening and closing, bending, and more, through our advanced technical capabilities, cultivated over a half century of experience, and with a flexible imagination.

Current History

2008 May

Kobe plant is established as our base of operations by integrating design, production and R&D.

2011 Jun.

Sansei Maintenance Co.,Ltd. becomes our wholly-owned subsidiary.

2012 May

TELMIC Corporation , a pioneer company of stage effects for TV shows, concerts and exhibitions, becomes our wholly-owned subsidiary.
TELMIC Corporation

2012 Nov.

S&S Worldwide, Inc. , one of the largest US companies for design, production and installation of amusement rides, becomes our subsidiary.
S&S Worldwide, Inc.:4D Free Spin

2014 Jan.

Sansei Yusoki Co.,Ltd. changes its name to Sansei Technologies, Inc.

2015 Jul.

Our head office moves from Suita-city to Osaka-city.

2018 Mar.

Vekoma Rides , one of the largest European companies for design, production and installation of amusement rides, becomes our wholly-owned subsidiary.
Vekoma:Spacewarp Energylandia

  • More than a half-century of results
  • Abundant track record
  • No. 1 Worldwide
  • A first in Japan
  • Playing a large role at the Expo
  • More than a half-century of results
  • A seasoned manufacturer of stage equipment
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