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Sansei Library –v–: A seasoned manufacturer of stage equipment

We began manufacturing stage equipment in 1952, just one year after our company was founded. Our vast experience in stage equipment includes many things such as theaters, halls, convention centers and TV studios across Japan.

Our work at Festival Hall in 1958 established us as a stage equipment manufacturer. We again provided new equipment in 2013 when it was renovated.

Photo by The Asahi Shimbun Company.

We delivered equipment, featuring a huge revolving stage, to the National Theater, a hall for Japanese traditional performing arts such as Kabuki and Noh.

We provided the revolving stage and rigging system to The Shiki Theatre for its 30th anniversary musical “CATS”, and later provided these to many other musicals as well.

Photo by The Shiki Theatre.
Photographer: Yamanoue Masanobu

We renovated the stage equipment of Takarazuka Grand Theater.

We delivered sophisticated stage equipment to Biwako Hall, to make the most of its four staged hall. And as for Yonago Convention Center, we provided a huge elevator for stage “traps” that can store movable seats under the floor.

We delivered state-of-the-art stage equipment to Kabukiza, including one of the largest revolving stages in Japan.

  • Sansei Library –iv–: Playing a large role at the Expo
  • Sansei Library –ⅵ–: A seasoned manufacturer of stage equipment
  • Abundant track record
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  • Playing a large role at the Expo
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  • A seasoned manufacturer of stage equipment
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