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Sansei Library –ii–: No. 1 Worldwide

Sansei has continuously delivered technical innovation and new ideas to the world. Although some have been newly broken, we have set three world's No.1 products in the past.

World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel

World’s Tallest Ferris WheelYokohama Dreamland “Wonder Wheel” (1964)
60 meters in height, known as the tallest ferris wheel at the time.

World’s Longest Roller Coaster

World’s Longest Roller CoasterFujikyu Highland “Giant Coaster” (1966)
1,380 m in length, recognized as a Guinness world record at the time.

World’s Tallest Elevator

World’s Tallest ElevatorNew National Theater elevator
11 m in height, recognized as a Guinness world record.
  • Sansei Library –i–: Abundant track record
  • Sansei Library –iii–: A first in Japan
  • Abundant track record
  • No. 1 Worldwide
  • A first in Japan
  • Playing a large role at the Expo
  • More than a half-century of results
  • A seasoned manufacturer of stage equipment
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