Space World “Titan MAX”

Our company refurbished the popular ride "Titan V” to a totally new ride “Titan MAX". We reduced the size of the body so that the seats would be more exposed. The new seats are bigger and deeper and allow the riders to sit down low, lifting their feet off the floor and providing for a better “airtime” sensation. The biggest feature of this ride is that you can enjoy music while riding. You can select your favorite music with the five buttons on the safety bar of the seat.
The running course is 60 meters high, with a 60 degree incline and is 1530 meter long. It has thrilling up and downs, a figure 8 curve and camel backs.

  • Space World “Titan MAX”
  • Space World “Titan MAX”
  • Space World “Titan MAX”
  • Space World “Titan MAX”
  • Space World “Titan MAX”
  • Space World “Titan MAX”

Nagashima Spa Land “Star Flyer”

“Star Flyer” opened in the spring of 2012 as one of the largest in Japan, with a tower height of about 63.4 meters and capacity of 32 people. The seats reach the height of about 47 meters from the ground while turning at a maximum speed of 51 km/h. Furthermore, it continues turning at the top where one can enjoy the majestic landscape while feeling the wind high in the sky.

  • Nagashima Spa Land “Star Flyer”

Tokyo Dome City Attractions "Furi Furi Grand Prix"

It is a ride which you drive a winding course of about 100 meters in a battery-powered cart while earning points. The key feature of this ride is that the cart will not run straight. The rear tire is designed to slip and drift easily, the driver must learn to control this drift and to earn points by avoiding collision with the guardrail. Trying to earn high scores while sliding the rear wheels and enjoying "drift driving" makes this ride very attractive.

  • Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Ikoma-Sanjo-Amusement-Park "Pukapuka Panda"

The cute “Pukapuka Panda” holding balloons will take you to an aerial ride where you can enjoy the wonderful scenery. The ride is for four passengers, the course is approximately 350 meters long. It is a family ride for all riders from small children to the elderly.

  • Pukapuka Panda
  • Pukapuka Panda
  • Pukapuka Panda
  • Pukapuka Panda

Asutamuland Tokushima “Yoshinogawa-Meguri”

It is a five-minute river boat ride for four passengers. Enjoy splashing down a mountain stream. 206 mischievous badgers welcome you here and there. It is a thrilling Flume Ride full of laughs and fun.

  • Yoshinogawa-Meguri
  • Yoshinogawa-Meguri
  • Yoshinogawa-Meguri
  • Yoshinogawa-Meguri
Asutamuland Tokushima Fuji-Q Highland
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