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[President] Makoto NAKAGAWA

[President] Makoto NAKAGAWA

At Sansei, we are constantly doing our utmost to offer you “joy and excitement, and safe and comfortable lives” through the design and manufacture of amusement rides, stage equipment, elevators and escalators, etc. Our amusement rides bring smiles and excitement each day to visitors of famous theme parks in Japan as well as around the world. We are also theater design professionals, and a broad range of public performances from the traditional arts like kabuki, opera and orchestra to modern art like musicals and show business entertainment are held in theaters with Sansei-designed stage equipment, as we do our best to offer backstage assistance in delivering emotion and excitement to all. Then, in order to support ever safer and more comfortable living, we are working to further enhance the post-delivery maintenance organization of our elevator and escalator business so that our customers can use that equipment with even greater confidence.

Sansei is building niche products with our technology for “moving things”, and the foundation for that is our in-house integrated planning, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. In addition to design and manufacturing at our large factory in Kobe, we are involved daily in the research and development of stage equipment and elevators and escalators at our research facilities in order to control costs and deliver even higher quality craftsmanship.

On a core of our three businesses: amusement rides, stage equipment, and elevators and escalators, through “technology”, “quality”, and “detailed customer response”, and as a global company of unparalleled specialization, Sansei provides the perfect solutions to the various needs of our customers using our unique power of imagination and high technical capabilities cultivated over 61 years of history and experience, and we look forward to growing even further right along with you.

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